The Importance of Setting Time For Yourself

We live in a fast paced world. We’re constantly working. We’re mindlessly scrolling. We’re looking for the next big thing to make our lives better. We’re so concerned about how others are making it through their life and not paying any attention to how we are making it through ours. Anxiety, depression, comparison…it all comes to surface. We begin to wonder how we can have a happier, fuller life for ourselves.

We live in an age where work schedules are inconsistent and long. We wake up, go to work, then come home. We’re trying to take care of families, cooking dinner, and then…we are on our phones for the rest of the evening. What we don’t realize is that we’re simply wasting our own time. We’re not taking the time to do the things we love. Instead, we want to live vicariously through others. 

In the past, I have noticed that if I don’t set some time for myself, I am anxious, frazzled, and unmotivated in my daily tasks. I have a hard time focusing on tasks at work and home. I lose motivation to maintain the cleanliness of my living space. My insecurities come to surface if I don’t take the time to take care of myself. In this day and age, it’s tough to actually put yourself first. 

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So what can we do to actually make time for ourselves?

It’s simple. Schedule it.

Scheduling time for yourself is an effective way for you to enjoy what you love doing whether it is reading, shooting a bow, watching a tv show, or having a spa night. When you schedule time to do what you want to do, you lower your chances of canceling that dedicated time. It doesn’t have to be two hours of your day. It can be 30 minutes or an hour. Want to read? Schedule it before you go to bed. It’s a great way for you to wind down for the evening. Want to watch your favorite tv show? Give yourself time to watch an episode or two right after dinner. One of the best ways to schedule your time is writing it down in a planner or on your phone’s calendar. When you see that reminder, you are more inclined to give yourself that allotted time. 

Why is it so important to set time for ourselves?

Setting time for ourselves allows us to hit the reset button. It allows us to escape from the crazy world we live in. It also allows us to wind down from the events that may have occurred at work or during your morning or evening commute. Our mood is better when we take the time to do the things we truly love. We gain knowledge and inspiration from the things we do. We continue pursuing the things we love. We’re also able to reflect on our day or events that happened in the past. It allows us to find ways to do or be better at whatever we are doing.

Keep in mind that it is okay to be selfish and make time for yourself. I know we like to take care of others and accomplish as many tasks as we can in one day, but eventually, you burn out. You lose focus on your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Setting time is beneficial to your wellbeing. Remember to schedule it and don’t take a raincheck on that time. If you have to start with 10 minutes of “me” time, then that’s better than nothing. Your goal is to be the best version of yourself and setting that time for you is one of the best ways to do it.

Stay adventurous,


How to Be Cleaning Efficient

So many of us work full time and have families to take care of or spend time with. In this fast paced world, it’s overwhelming with the amount of tasks we need to accomplish in our home.  As a result, we put off our tasks until the weekend. Before we know it, Sunday night is here and we prepare to start our week all over again. As we continue going through this vicious cycle, we feel as if we are stuck and cannot find a way of freeing up our weekends from housework and errands. So what can we do to get out of this vicious cycle?

Be efficient. Efficiency is a way to save us time, money, energy, etc. If you want a free weekend or maybe even a weekday, you have to be efficient. You’d be surprised with your accomplishments in a given amount of time. 

How Do I Become Efficient When I Have a Busy Work Schedule?

I’m going to be honest with you…You aren’t going to be able to clean your entire home or apartment in one day. First, you need to strategize. Which room do you want to tackle first? On your first day off in the week, deep clean that room. Don’t tackle any other rooms because you’re gonna be overwhelmed. If you have Saturdays and Sundays off, only tackle that room on Saturday. Leave Sunday for something you want to do whether it’s watching a movie or going hiking.

For example, I spent my day off deep cleaning our master bathroom. I wiped down the floors, counters, shower walls, and the toilet. I took the time going through our items under the bathroom counter and organizing them in the correct bins. I threw away items that were no longer used or had expired. 

Throughout the week, maintain the cleanliness of that room. Put everything back where it belongs. If you tackled a bathroom or kitchen, wipe the counters down daily. Wipe down your shower and scrub your toilet once a week. When you begin maintaining a clean room, you begin to free up more of your time for something else.

This past Monday, it took me 5-7 minutes to wipe down the shower walls, clean the toilet, sweep the floor, wipe down the counter, and change out the bath towels. Everything else was already put back where it belongs because I took the time to put it back once I was finished with that item. 

On your next first day off in the next week, start in another room. Remember to continue your maintenance on the previous room from the previous week before. Take time on your second day off to do something you’ve been wanting to do. Continue this cycle until you have accomplished a clean home. Just remember to be mindful of where you’re placing your items when you’re finished. This will save you a lot of cleaning and maintenance time in the long run. 

So when do you maintain your clean space?

I like to do my maintenance throughout the work week. I make a list with 3-5 tasks I want to tackle for that day, whether it’s vacuuming, loading/unloading the dishwasher, straightening up the living room, etc. I set a timer for 20 minutes and begin my tasks. When time is up, I reevaluate what I accomplished. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in 20 minutes each day.

If I’ve noticed anything, it’s that I have appreciation and a clear mind from having a clean space. I am able to locate things easily because they are in their correct home. I am able to start my day in a tidy space which allows me to get myself together physically, mentally, and emotionally for the day. I don’t have to tackle a lot on the weekends because they’re already taken care of throughout the week.

This will take some time before you notice a difference in your home and your cleaning habits. This will not happen overnight. In the beginning, it can be overwhelming, but with weekly and daily maintenance, you will be able to free up more of your time for the things you want to enjoy. Remember efficiency is key and setting time for your tasks will make a huge difference in balancing your home and work life.

Stay adventurous,


How To Enjoy Your Own Company

As humans, it is our nature to be in a pack, big or small. We like to do things together, eat together, sit in the same room together, etc. We are used to always having somebody with us no matter where we go or what we do because we enjoy having company. We view our company as a safety net in case things go wary or we lack the confidence of experiencing new surroundings and events.  But what if you want or have to do things alone?

I’ve always considered myself a loner. Don’t get me wrong, I have my family and friends who I spend time with. I love interacting with my coworkers throughout the workday.  However, there were times where I was simply alone. There were places I wanted to go or things I wanted to do, but I never could find the right person or people to do them with me. Life would take over. Plans would fail. Disappointment would settle in. Overall, it was a struggle.

Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy my own company. I started this adventure in 2016 where I experienced my first time eating alone at a restaurant. I was celebrating my first big girl job and wanted to celebrate. My family and friends were busy on the days I wanted to go. Therefore, I took it upon myself to celebrate for me. At that time, it wasn’t a common thing to see a 26 year old female sitting in the middle of a crowded room eating by herself. The interesting piece of this was, the server initially felt sorry for me when they had approached my table. When I began explaining the reason I came, it all made sense. My first experience eating solo was odd, but the service was exceptional.

Fast forward to 2019 when I took my first road trip on my own. I traveled from West Virginia to explore the surrounding areas of Fayetteville, North Carolina. I once had a dream of packing up my bags and moving there to start my life over. I was looking online for job openings at local schools. I even physically located the home I had dreams of buying. The trip itself was a liberating experience. I had the chance to explore botanical gardens, eat at a local diner, attended a random antique car show and shop at local clothing boutiques. 

So how do you enjoy your own company?

First of all, start small. Go somewhere you are familiar with, whether it’s at a local coffee shop, movie theater, or a mall. Once you’ve become more comfortable with these areas, begin expanding. Pick a day where you want to explore a new place. Find a local place that you’ve been wanting to visit such as a park, restaurant, shop, etc. and just go. Visiting a park? Pack a lunch and your favorite book. Going to a restaurant? Get to know your employees and get some insights on their favorite dish. Go somewhere local until you are comfortable, then expand.

My biggest rule going exploring a new area myself:

Enjoy my surroundings and stay off the phone as much as you can. There are times where people use their phones and mindlessly scroll in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. This is something to be mindful about because if you’re on my phone at a new spot, how are you supposed to get the full experience?

Initially, it’s an uncomfortable situation when you’re out and about by yourself. Over time, you begin to enjoy your own company. You get to do the things you want to do. You can go places you’ve been dying to visit. Plus, you can have a good time by yourself. It’s simply getting over the first hurdle and getting yourself adjusted to a new experience. 

If you have had similar experiences, I would love to hear about them. How long did it take for you to begin enjoying your own company? What were your initial thoughts and feelings when you enjoyed a new experience by yourself? 

Stay adventurous,


Motivational Monday: Making Your Bed

It’s Motivational Monday friends!

Each Monday, I want to talk about some things that motivates me throughout the week. Today, I want to talk about the one thing I do that starts my day…making the bed.

Over the years, I was not one who made my bed each morning. Like some, I had the idea that my bed was going to be messed up again once I got in it at the end of the day. Therefore, I didn’t even bother. I didn’t even think that having an unmade bed would have some negative effects on my routines and mental well-being.

In the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, I started looking for inspiration on being a better version of myself. I knew that being in quarantine wasn’t going to be a positive experience for my mental state so I looked into reading self-help books and finding social media influencers who strived to make better versions of themselves. So what did all the inspiration I found have in common? Making the bed.

So why make your bed?

Making your bed has a positive impact. When you make the bed in the mornings, you are starting off your day with the intention to have a successful day. Doing something so little can have a ripple effect on your day. When you’ve accomplished one thing, you begin to feel motivated to complete other tasks such as house chores or maybe writing a blog post. 

The Physical Effects of a Made Bed

Having a made bed has some positive effects. When you have a neat and orderly room, your mind is calm and clear. You become more inspired to find ways of becoming more goal-oriented and successful. If you’re like me, having order in your bedroom reduces stress and anxiety.

Making your bed only takes five minutes to do. Make it a goal to make your bed as soon as you get out of it. If you’re waking up super early, set an extra five minutes to complete the task before you leave for work. If you are starting out, challenge yourself 60 days to make the bed and take note of how you are feeling.  You’ll be surprised how one little thing can improve your mental and emotional state. 

Stay adventurous,


Gainful Review

Over the years, I have tried many fitness supplements to help me reach my potential. I was highly interested in using pre-workout and protein powders. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of paying a lot of money for something that tasted so chalky. Therefore, I stopped trying and continued my exercise routine until 2018.

I’ve been looking for a different supplement routine for quite some time, a couple weeks before Josh and I started going back to the gym. I came across a new supplement brand and was interested to try it. As you continue reading, I am going to go over this brand and my experiences so far.

Who is Gainful?

Gainful was founded by co-founders, Eric Wu and Jahaan Ansari. Their mission is to create a personalized supplement routine that fits our needs. Every single one of us are different based on our lifestyle, performance, and health goals. By taking a five minute quiz, Gainful is able to customize the products that suit your needs and send them to you based on the frequency of use.

My supplement routine from Gainful.

What did my supplement routine include?

After taking the quiz, I was recommended their pre-workout, protein powder, hydration powder, protein flavor boosts, and a shaker bottle. I chose strawberry lemonade as the flavor for the pre-workout and hydration. The protein powder is flavorless, thus the reason why I included the flavor boosts in my routine. I got cookies and cream as the flavor and a sample pack containing seven different flavors. 

Is it affordable?

Gainful is a pretty pricey subscription service. Every 3 weeks, Gainful will send you what you need. For the entire bundle (minus the shaker bottle), it costs a little over $100.


-Customizable based on your health needs.

-Provides ideas on how you can incorporate Gainful into your everyday life.

-Provides flavor options: drink it with a Madagascar vanilla flavor boost  or add the flavorless option to your favorite pancake recipe.

-Access to a dietician, if needed.

-Ran out your hydration sticks but not the protein powder? Just go to your subscription and edit what you need for the next shipment.


-Price point: Again, it is a pricey subscription service.

-Protein powder can get clumpy when mixing it with a liquid.

My Takeaway:

Overall I am pleased with how well the system works. I can tell how easily I have recovered from my workouts so far. It has helped me boost my hydration and curb my appetite. All the protein flavor boosts are delicious and the protein powder does not have that gritty feel. I was very pleased with the pre-workout. It’s not gritty nor chalky. The effects begin to work within 20 minutes.

If you are looking for a fitness supplement and are willing to pay the price, I would recommend this product to you. Every couple of weeks, I receive an email for their dietician going over ideas on how to recover from workouts based on nutrition and how to incorporate Gainful in your everyday routine. I am looking forward to sharing more of this product with you as my fitness journey continues. If there are supplements you use, I would love to hear what you use and why you love them.

Stay adventurous,


Rekindling My Relationship With the Gym

I used to be a gym rat.

I spent seven years going to the gym. I enjoyed working out. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the common folk who attended. It was my second home.

I started in the Summer 2010. I began my journey with cardio. I spent a lot of time on the treadmill and cross trainer. By October 2010, I ran my first 5K. It was simply amazing achieving that goal. As a result, I continued to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Throughout the years, it was my form of therapy and stress reliever. I was commuting to school every day, attending long hours in education courses. As soon as I got home, I would make the effort and workout. Not only did it feel great to have a good workout in, but it also felt great to socialize with the regulars. Those who attended this small gym weren’t all young and hip. Some were older, maintaining their health. Others were there just to get out of their house. It was something I looked forward to.

Keep in mind that I wasn’t extremely serious about how I looked. I wasn’t toned. I still ate everything I wanted. I simply enjoyed the post-workout experience and feeling once I went home. 

January 2018 (left): I was on my way to hitting an all-time low in my life. Now (right): I haven’t been back to the gym since. I have my ups and down physically, mentally, and emotionally. I look forward to returning to this fitness journey.

I didn’t get obsessed with it until Summer 2017. I was dealing with a lot of personal issues. Anxiety and depression was coming to surface. I simply couldn’t hold in my anxiety anymore like I used to. I wasn’t eating a lot. I lifted weights hard. I was seeing those results I would see on social media. I loved it and I wanted more of it. I was becoming obsessed with my physical appearance.

I stopped going to the gym in the Spring 2018 after my divorce. I simply stopped talking to people. My mental health was getting worse. Life was getting harder for me as I had to start over in my life. The only things I had going at the time were my family and job.

Over the years, I wanted to go back to the gym because I missed working out. I missed the interaction along with the availability of equipment. I couldn’t muster the courage to visit a new gym and start over. The thought of it made me extremely anxious.

Last Tuesday, I began another adventure by going back to the gym again. Josh has encouraged me to try again. I was scared and anxious at first, but I was able to get through my emotions and start. We spent at least 45 minutes at the gym before we left. I am honestly glad that I took that first step because honestly, it isn’t easy. Especially when I had emotional and mental ties to fitness. I hope I can do this again without having the mental breakdowns and the fear of losing everything again. 

I’ll be keeping you all up to date on how things are going. I look forward to bouncing back and being the best version of myself.

Stay adventurous,


Big Adjustments, Small Breaks

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I’m sorry for being MIA for the last couple of weeks. I have been needing a break from my blog and making content due to some mental setbacks. With having a new job and making adjustments to a new area, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. I wasn’t sleeping. My anxiety and depression came back for a few days. I just simply wasn’t myself.

I’ve been trying to get used to working long hours again. My schedule has been very inconsistent which has triggered some of my anxiety. I’m used to consistency, working 5 days on and having 2 days off. Not work one day, take a day off, then work three more. I work days and evenings. It’s been very tiring as I have been doing my best to have the energy to do things outside of work. 

I did get to go to West Virginia for a couple of days to see family and check on the house. To say I was so happy to be home was far from my emotions. In fact, I was still depressed, stressed, and worried. I worried about my house. I worried about the little amount of time I had in West Virginia. I was stressing over things that were beyond my control. I simply knew I was feeling anxious and depressed. 

So what have I been doing within the last couple of weeks while dealing with these episodes?

I’ve simply been taking it one day at a time. I’ve been facing my problems head on and diving deep into the roots of my issues. Simply talking about it has been quite helpful. I’m able to get a different light on what’s sparking my anxiety and how to handle it.

I’ve also been taking the initiative to do some research on anxiety and some small techniques to try if my anxiety comes back. I’ve been making the effort to get a better night’s sleep by using my weighted blanket, staying hydrated, and reading before bed. I’ve also been researching foods that can trigger anxiety and depression. I’m looking forward to cutting back on the things that can trigger them.

Adjusting to this new life has been challenging, but I refuse to go back to my old one. If I don’t continue this adventure, how am I going to grow? How am I supposed to live life if I don’t get out of my comfort zone? These questions have been on my mind lately. 

Life is hard, but it can be interesting. I’ve been doing my best to make myself at home in North Carolina. I’ve been getting to know my coworkers a little more. I’ve been interacting with the public. I’ve been staying motivated by listening to podcasts, reflecting on my days at work and how to be better, talking to my family, and making clean spaces in our apartment.

All these things have helped me in the last few days. I know these things aren’t always going to help, but any motivation and technique that helps me get through the day is better than not trying at all. As time goes on, I am looking forward to continuing to share my adventure with you. This blog is not dead just yet. There is more to explore.

Stay adventurous,


My Five Minute Journal: 60 Day Check-In

Back in December, I started my journey using the Five Minute Journal and gave everyone an idea of what it is and how it can help you be successful. My 60 days are finally up and I wanted to check in and let everyone know how things are going.

First off, if you don’t know what a Five Minute Journal is, I will provide you with the link given with the full details here. To summarize it, it is a journal that allows you to check in in the morning and at night. You simply date the page at the top, write 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things that would make today great, and 2 affirmations in the morning. At night, you reflect by writing 3 things that made the day amazing and 2 things that you think could have made the day better. It only takes five minutes to complete. Hence the title of the journal.

In the beginning, I wanted to utilize this journal as a way of expressing gratitude each and every single day. If you suffer from anxiety and depression like me, this journal would be helpful in the long run. In the beginning, it is scary to think that you have to write down 3 positive things and 3 things you are grateful for. Your brain simply goes haywire because well…it’s so used to allowing negative thoughts and lies to live rent free. I’m going to be honest with you, this was a struggle for me in the beginning. I am always thinking negatively and in worst case scenario situations.

Back to the journal…it doesn’t always take me five minutes to write. There are days where I can jot everything down and move on to the next part of my morning routine. Then there are days where I struggle and I am forcing myself to pick out things to put in my journal.  These days it’s challenging, but I do it anyway. I need to document what went on that day.

So far I have noticed a difference in my outlook in life. I have been a little more positive and mindful with the people and things around me. I try to give credit in all areas such as my job, relationships, and experiences. I feel it is important to point out the highlights and lowlights of my day. Our days are simply not perfect by no means, and that’s okay. I’ve learned to be more graceful on the hard days. 

A preview of the pages inside the Five Minute Journal.

The big question is whether or not it has made me successful so far. I can tell a difference in keeping tabs on what’s going on. I am more aware of what I am doing and what I need to do to make changes along the way. If I work on something pertaining to my goal, then I can write about it in my journal. If I slacked off on working on my goals, then I will simply make a reminder in the evening when I’m journaling. I have noticed a big difference in my motivation for writing posts for this blog. I want to keep writing. I want to keep talking about it in person and on social media. It’s becoming a part of me that I enjoy. It’s my escape. Sitting down and writing for five minutes day and night keeps me going.

Writing in the Five Minute Journal for the last 60 days has become a part of my routine. I can say what’s on my mind and move on from it. Taking the time to show gratitude gives me more appreciation for the littlest things in life, and I’m talking about the things we take for granted each and every single day. Seeing these changes tell me that I need to continue using the Five Minute Journal.  It’s kept me on track with my goals. I’ve seen some progress so far.

If you are interested in a Five Minute Journal, you can find it here. If you don’t want to buy a special book for journaling, take out a sheet of paper and jot down things you are grateful for and reflect on your day. Give yourself a challenge of doing this for 60 days and check in with yourself on how you are doing. You will be surprised with how much you change your perception on your goals and life in general. If you take on this challenge, let me know how things are going in the short future, I would love to hear how you’re doing.

Stay adventurous,


I’m Feeling 32.

This week has been super crazy and busy. Monday and Wednesday, I had to work. On Tuesday, we celebrated my 32nd birthday. It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by. When people say, “When you get older, time flies faster,” they are not kidding. Some people dread entering into their 30s, but little do they know, the fun is about to begin.

This year was the first year I celebrated my birthday without my family. Honestly, it was a little odd and lonely. Over the years, we would get together and celebrate whether it was a visit at the house or going out to dinner. Family time has always been important to us, especially on birthdays. I am grateful for having technology where I can call or video chat with them when we’re free to do so.

My birthday cake and flowers from Josh.

I was fortunate to have the day off from work. Luckily, my schedule worked out that way without putting in a request (although, I like to be working). Tikka and I enjoyed the beautiful weather by going to the dog park and opening up doors and windows at the apartment. Josh surprised me by coming home a little earlier from work with flowers and a cake. Afterwards, we took a trip to Virginia to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was the first time in a while since we’ve been to a Texas Roadhouse. We’re so used to having one 15 minutes away, not an hour away. 

As I get older, I don’t care about making it an “all about me” kind of day. Instead, I look at it as another “new year, new me.” It’s another chance at striving for what I want in life: simplicity and happiness. It’s another motivator to keep working on the best version of me. If you need to find motivation somewhere, think about your upcoming birthday and make a plan on what you want to accomplish before then. Once your birthday arrives, channel that motivation towards the goals you want to achieve for 2022. 

Birthdays may be another day to us, but we can use that special event to focus on our goals and keep going. I mean, we are into the third month of 2022. Why not strive to make your age “a good year” in your life?

Stay adventurous,


February Wins

Today is the last day of February which means one thing….revisit my February goals. At the end of January, I sat down and wrote five goals I wanted to meet in the month of February. These goals also reflected on my 2022 Goals I also wrote out at the beginning of the year. 

Instead of focusing on what goals I reached and the ones I didn’t meet, I wanted to share my 10 wins I had for this month.

10. Getting settled in our new city through social interaction

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve only visited a couple of times. Since moving to North Carolina, I knew that the only way for me to feel more like home was to socially interact. Fortunately, I am able to do so at my new job. I am getting to know my new coworkers and having small talk with the customers. If you were to tell me to do this 10 years ago, I would have struggled and headed for the hills (literally). I am glad that teaching has brought me out of my shell and made me take the initiative to talk to other people.

9. Being more efficient at home

Now that we have moved into our apartment, I finally feel like I have my act more together. Because Josh and I are constantly working, I wanted to make it a goal to be as efficient as possible. Finished with that skillet I just cooked in? Put it in the dishwasher right away. Just got out of bed? Make it as soon as you get out of it. Efficiency is currently my best friend. 

8. Flossed my teeth everyday

Okay, I should have been flossing everyday all along, but like most people, I didn’t want to take the time. I am really glad that I began this routine. I can tell a huge difference in my gums! They do not bleed nor feel raw from different foods. It only takes a couple of minutes to floss each time so if you’re not flossing, why not start today?

7. Established a morning routine that works me (for now)

It only took a couple of months, but I can finally say I have my own morning routine. This has helped me be more efficient and mindful of my time throughout the day. I have more quiet time for my Five Minute Journal and my daily devotionals. I have more time to make breakfast or have a cup of iced coffee. I also have more time to focus on bigger cleaning jobs such as cleaning bathrooms, mopping the floors, cleaning the walls from Tikka, etc.

6. Visited Raven Rock State Park

Josh and I can cross off another state park off our list. We both enjoy being outdoors and hiking is currently our go-to. We love seeing the attractions in person and appreciate the natural beauty. Tikka also loved the park because he was able to play in the river and smell all the new smells.

5. Found my own hairstylist.

This win is a big deal for me because I am very picky at who does my hair. I haven’t had my hair done since October 2021. After leaving my WV hairstylist of 3 years for NC, I knew it was going to take some time for me to find that special person to do my hair. After researching and viewing previous work, I now have a new stylist in Virginia. WIth her color and cutting expertise, she gave me what I wanted. If you’re wanting your hair to look and feel healthy and amazing, you have to pay the price (money, that is.).

4. Making homemade foods

Homemade pepperoni pizza.

Inflation has destroyed almost everyone’s wallets. Josh and I have become more mindful of what we were buying. I took the initiative to say, “I can make that from scratch.” I have been doing that a lot this month. We buy more ingredients than we do prepackaged. Some of the items I made were alfredo, breadsticks, coffee creamer, pizza, sheet pan chicken, and pepperoni rolls. Not only has it helped our wallets, but it’s healthier. No preservatives. No chemicals.

3. Started a Facebook Page for my blog

I had been wanting to do this since I started this blog, but I wasn’t so sure how well it would do. I am not one who sends out invites to everyone to join my page. I have to admit, my Facebook page has spread word about my blog. I have had several people say they can relate to my posts. I have had people share my posts in hopes it would reach someone who needs some insight on certain topics. My page did not explode overnight, but I have noticed more engagements. If you are interested in following my Facebook page for the latest updates, you can find it here: htts://

2. I got hired at Lowe’s

As much as I loved being at home, I didn’t like being home all day, everyday. I needed social interaction. At the beginning of the month, I accepted a full time job at Lowe’s. I have never been happier with my decision. It’s different. My schedule is flexible. There are no lesson plans. No stress and anxiety. Sure the pay isn’t what I was getting, but you know what? I am so much happier and that’s all that matters to me.

1.We moved to our apartment

Tikka’s favorite spot is the dog park.

After waiting for two months and living in a camper, we FINALLY moved into our apartment on February 1st. We officially made ourselves at home. We have more space for us and Tikka. Tikka has his own dog park to run around and play. Josh and I are able to do things without bumping into each other. It was worth the wait!

Looking at my “wins,” February was another month that has been good to me. Big or small, I have experienced and learned a lot during these milestones. I’d like for you to take time and think about what you have done in the month of February. Even if you have done one thing, consider it as a win and go from there. What were your “wins” for the month of February? I look forward to sitting down and making my goals for March and continue this adventure.

Stay adventurous,