The Importance of Setting Time For Yourself

We live in a fast paced world. We’re constantly working. We’re mindlessly scrolling. We’re looking for the next big thing to make our lives better. We’re so concerned about how others are making it through their life and not paying any attention to how we are making it through ours. Anxiety, depression, comparison…it all comes to surface. We begin to wonder how we can have a happier, fuller life for ourselves.

We live in an age where work schedules are inconsistent and long. We wake up, go to work, then come home. We’re trying to take care of families, cooking dinner, and then…we are on our phones for the rest of the evening. What we don’t realize is that we’re simply wasting our own time. We’re not taking the time to do the things we love. Instead, we want to live vicariously through others. 

In the past, I have noticed that if I don’t set some time for myself, I am anxious, frazzled, and unmotivated in my daily tasks. I have a hard time focusing on tasks at work and home. I lose motivation to maintain the cleanliness of my living space. My insecurities come to surface if I don’t take the time to take care of myself. In this day and age, it’s tough to actually put yourself first. 

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So what can we do to actually make time for ourselves?

It’s simple. Schedule it.

Scheduling time for yourself is an effective way for you to enjoy what you love doing whether it is reading, shooting a bow, watching a tv show, or having a spa night. When you schedule time to do what you want to do, you lower your chances of canceling that dedicated time. It doesn’t have to be two hours of your day. It can be 30 minutes or an hour. Want to read? Schedule it before you go to bed. It’s a great way for you to wind down for the evening. Want to watch your favorite tv show? Give yourself time to watch an episode or two right after dinner. One of the best ways to schedule your time is writing it down in a planner or on your phone’s calendar. When you see that reminder, you are more inclined to give yourself that allotted time. 

Why is it so important to set time for ourselves?

Setting time for ourselves allows us to hit the reset button. It allows us to escape from the crazy world we live in. It also allows us to wind down from the events that may have occurred at work or during your morning or evening commute. Our mood is better when we take the time to do the things we truly love. We gain knowledge and inspiration from the things we do. We continue pursuing the things we love. We’re also able to reflect on our day or events that happened in the past. It allows us to find ways to do or be better at whatever we are doing.

Keep in mind that it is okay to be selfish and make time for yourself. I know we like to take care of others and accomplish as many tasks as we can in one day, but eventually, you burn out. You lose focus on your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Setting time is beneficial to your wellbeing. Remember to schedule it and don’t take a raincheck on that time. If you have to start with 10 minutes of “me” time, then that’s better than nothing. Your goal is to be the best version of yourself and setting that time for you is one of the best ways to do it.

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