How to Be Cleaning Efficient

So many of us work full time and have families to take care of or spend time with. In this fast paced world, it’s overwhelming with the amount of tasks we need to accomplish in our home.  As a result, we put off our tasks until the weekend. Before we know it, Sunday night is here and we prepare to start our week all over again. As we continue going through this vicious cycle, we feel as if we are stuck and cannot find a way of freeing up our weekends from housework and errands. So what can we do to get out of this vicious cycle?

Be efficient. Efficiency is a way to save us time, money, energy, etc. If you want a free weekend or maybe even a weekday, you have to be efficient. You’d be surprised with your accomplishments in a given amount of time. 

How Do I Become Efficient When I Have a Busy Work Schedule?

I’m going to be honest with you…You aren’t going to be able to clean your entire home or apartment in one day. First, you need to strategize. Which room do you want to tackle first? On your first day off in the week, deep clean that room. Don’t tackle any other rooms because you’re gonna be overwhelmed. If you have Saturdays and Sundays off, only tackle that room on Saturday. Leave Sunday for something you want to do whether it’s watching a movie or going hiking.

For example, I spent my day off deep cleaning our master bathroom. I wiped down the floors, counters, shower walls, and the toilet. I took the time going through our items under the bathroom counter and organizing them in the correct bins. I threw away items that were no longer used or had expired. 

Throughout the week, maintain the cleanliness of that room. Put everything back where it belongs. If you tackled a bathroom or kitchen, wipe the counters down daily. Wipe down your shower and scrub your toilet once a week. When you begin maintaining a clean room, you begin to free up more of your time for something else.

This past Monday, it took me 5-7 minutes to wipe down the shower walls, clean the toilet, sweep the floor, wipe down the counter, and change out the bath towels. Everything else was already put back where it belongs because I took the time to put it back once I was finished with that item. 

On your next first day off in the next week, start in another room. Remember to continue your maintenance on the previous room from the previous week before. Take time on your second day off to do something you’ve been wanting to do. Continue this cycle until you have accomplished a clean home. Just remember to be mindful of where you’re placing your items when you’re finished. This will save you a lot of cleaning and maintenance time in the long run. 

So when do you maintain your clean space?

I like to do my maintenance throughout the work week. I make a list with 3-5 tasks I want to tackle for that day, whether it’s vacuuming, loading/unloading the dishwasher, straightening up the living room, etc. I set a timer for 20 minutes and begin my tasks. When time is up, I reevaluate what I accomplished. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in 20 minutes each day.

If I’ve noticed anything, it’s that I have appreciation and a clear mind from having a clean space. I am able to locate things easily because they are in their correct home. I am able to start my day in a tidy space which allows me to get myself together physically, mentally, and emotionally for the day. I don’t have to tackle a lot on the weekends because they’re already taken care of throughout the week.

This will take some time before you notice a difference in your home and your cleaning habits. This will not happen overnight. In the beginning, it can be overwhelming, but with weekly and daily maintenance, you will be able to free up more of your time for the things you want to enjoy. Remember efficiency is key and setting time for your tasks will make a huge difference in balancing your home and work life.

Stay adventurous,


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