Motivational Monday: Making Your Bed

It’s Motivational Monday friends!

Each Monday, I want to talk about some things that motivates me throughout the week. Today, I want to talk about the one thing I do that starts my day…making the bed.

Over the years, I was not one who made my bed each morning. Like some, I had the idea that my bed was going to be messed up again once I got in it at the end of the day. Therefore, I didn’t even bother. I didn’t even think that having an unmade bed would have some negative effects on my routines and mental well-being.

In the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, I started looking for inspiration on being a better version of myself. I knew that being in quarantine wasn’t going to be a positive experience for my mental state so I looked into reading self-help books and finding social media influencers who strived to make better versions of themselves. So what did all the inspiration I found have in common? Making the bed.

So why make your bed?

Making your bed has a positive impact. When you make the bed in the mornings, you are starting off your day with the intention to have a successful day. Doing something so little can have a ripple effect on your day. When you’ve accomplished one thing, you begin to feel motivated to complete other tasks such as house chores or maybe writing a blog post. 

The Physical Effects of a Made Bed

Having a made bed has some positive effects. When you have a neat and orderly room, your mind is calm and clear. You become more inspired to find ways of becoming more goal-oriented and successful. If you’re like me, having order in your bedroom reduces stress and anxiety.

Making your bed only takes five minutes to do. Make it a goal to make your bed as soon as you get out of it. If you’re waking up super early, set an extra five minutes to complete the task before you leave for work. If you are starting out, challenge yourself 60 days to make the bed and take note of how you are feeling.  You’ll be surprised how one little thing can improve your mental and emotional state. 

Stay adventurous,


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