Gainful Review

Over the years, I have tried many fitness supplements to help me reach my potential. I was highly interested in using pre-workout and protein powders. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of paying a lot of money for something that tasted so chalky. Therefore, I stopped trying and continued my exercise routine until 2018.

I’ve been looking for a different supplement routine for quite some time, a couple weeks before Josh and I started going back to the gym. I came across a new supplement brand and was interested to try it. As you continue reading, I am going to go over this brand and my experiences so far.

Who is Gainful?

Gainful was founded by co-founders, Eric Wu and Jahaan Ansari. Their mission is to create a personalized supplement routine that fits our needs. Every single one of us are different based on our lifestyle, performance, and health goals. By taking a five minute quiz, Gainful is able to customize the products that suit your needs and send them to you based on the frequency of use.

My supplement routine from Gainful.

What did my supplement routine include?

After taking the quiz, I was recommended their pre-workout, protein powder, hydration powder, protein flavor boosts, and a shaker bottle. I chose strawberry lemonade as the flavor for the pre-workout and hydration. The protein powder is flavorless, thus the reason why I included the flavor boosts in my routine. I got cookies and cream as the flavor and a sample pack containing seven different flavors. 

Is it affordable?

Gainful is a pretty pricey subscription service. Every 3 weeks, Gainful will send you what you need. For the entire bundle (minus the shaker bottle), it costs a little over $100.


-Customizable based on your health needs.

-Provides ideas on how you can incorporate Gainful into your everyday life.

-Provides flavor options: drink it with a Madagascar vanilla flavor boost  or add the flavorless option to your favorite pancake recipe.

-Access to a dietician, if needed.

-Ran out your hydration sticks but not the protein powder? Just go to your subscription and edit what you need for the next shipment.


-Price point: Again, it is a pricey subscription service.

-Protein powder can get clumpy when mixing it with a liquid.

My Takeaway:

Overall I am pleased with how well the system works. I can tell how easily I have recovered from my workouts so far. It has helped me boost my hydration and curb my appetite. All the protein flavor boosts are delicious and the protein powder does not have that gritty feel. I was very pleased with the pre-workout. It’s not gritty nor chalky. The effects begin to work within 20 minutes.

If you are looking for a fitness supplement and are willing to pay the price, I would recommend this product to you. Every couple of weeks, I receive an email for their dietician going over ideas on how to recover from workouts based on nutrition and how to incorporate Gainful in your everyday routine. I am looking forward to sharing more of this product with you as my fitness journey continues. If there are supplements you use, I would love to hear what you use and why you love them.

Stay adventurous,


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