I’m Feeling 32.

This week has been super crazy and busy. Monday and Wednesday, I had to work. On Tuesday, we celebrated my 32nd birthday. It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by. When people say, “When you get older, time flies faster,” they are not kidding. Some people dread entering into their 30s, but little do they know, the fun is about to begin.

This year was the first year I celebrated my birthday without my family. Honestly, it was a little odd and lonely. Over the years, we would get together and celebrate whether it was a visit at the house or going out to dinner. Family time has always been important to us, especially on birthdays. I am grateful for having technology where I can call or video chat with them when we’re free to do so.

My birthday cake and flowers from Josh.

I was fortunate to have the day off from work. Luckily, my schedule worked out that way without putting in a request (although, I like to be working). Tikka and I enjoyed the beautiful weather by going to the dog park and opening up doors and windows at the apartment. Josh surprised me by coming home a little earlier from work with flowers and a cake. Afterwards, we took a trip to Virginia to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was the first time in a while since we’ve been to a Texas Roadhouse. We’re so used to having one 15 minutes away, not an hour away. 

As I get older, I don’t care about making it an “all about me” kind of day. Instead, I look at it as another “new year, new me.” It’s another chance at striving for what I want in life: simplicity and happiness. It’s another motivator to keep working on the best version of me. If you need to find motivation somewhere, think about your upcoming birthday and make a plan on what you want to accomplish before then. Once your birthday arrives, channel that motivation towards the goals you want to achieve for 2022. 

Birthdays may be another day to us, but we can use that special event to focus on our goals and keep going. I mean, we are into the third month of 2022. Why not strive to make your age “a good year” in your life?

Stay adventurous,


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