February Wins

Today is the last day of February which means one thing….revisit my February goals. At the end of January, I sat down and wrote five goals I wanted to meet in the month of February. These goals also reflected on my 2022 Goals I also wrote out at the beginning of the year. 

Instead of focusing on what goals I reached and the ones I didn’t meet, I wanted to share my 10 wins I had for this month.

10. Getting settled in our new city through social interaction

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve only visited a couple of times. Since moving to North Carolina, I knew that the only way for me to feel more like home was to socially interact. Fortunately, I am able to do so at my new job. I am getting to know my new coworkers and having small talk with the customers. If you were to tell me to do this 10 years ago, I would have struggled and headed for the hills (literally). I am glad that teaching has brought me out of my shell and made me take the initiative to talk to other people.

9. Being more efficient at home

Now that we have moved into our apartment, I finally feel like I have my act more together. Because Josh and I are constantly working, I wanted to make it a goal to be as efficient as possible. Finished with that skillet I just cooked in? Put it in the dishwasher right away. Just got out of bed? Make it as soon as you get out of it. Efficiency is currently my best friend. 

8. Flossed my teeth everyday

Okay, I should have been flossing everyday all along, but like most people, I didn’t want to take the time. I am really glad that I began this routine. I can tell a huge difference in my gums! They do not bleed nor feel raw from different foods. It only takes a couple of minutes to floss each time so if you’re not flossing, why not start today?

7. Established a morning routine that works me (for now)

It only took a couple of months, but I can finally say I have my own morning routine. This has helped me be more efficient and mindful of my time throughout the day. I have more quiet time for my Five Minute Journal and my daily devotionals. I have more time to make breakfast or have a cup of iced coffee. I also have more time to focus on bigger cleaning jobs such as cleaning bathrooms, mopping the floors, cleaning the walls from Tikka, etc.

6. Visited Raven Rock State Park

Josh and I can cross off another state park off our list. We both enjoy being outdoors and hiking is currently our go-to. We love seeing the attractions in person and appreciate the natural beauty. Tikka also loved the park because he was able to play in the river and smell all the new smells.

5. Found my own hairstylist.

This win is a big deal for me because I am very picky at who does my hair. I haven’t had my hair done since October 2021. After leaving my WV hairstylist of 3 years for NC, I knew it was going to take some time for me to find that special person to do my hair. After researching and viewing previous work, I now have a new stylist in Virginia. WIth her color and cutting expertise, she gave me what I wanted. If you’re wanting your hair to look and feel healthy and amazing, you have to pay the price (money, that is.).

4. Making homemade foods

Homemade pepperoni pizza.

Inflation has destroyed almost everyone’s wallets. Josh and I have become more mindful of what we were buying. I took the initiative to say, “I can make that from scratch.” I have been doing that a lot this month. We buy more ingredients than we do prepackaged. Some of the items I made were alfredo, breadsticks, coffee creamer, pizza, sheet pan chicken, and pepperoni rolls. Not only has it helped our wallets, but it’s healthier. No preservatives. No chemicals.

3. Started a Facebook Page for my blog

I had been wanting to do this since I started this blog, but I wasn’t so sure how well it would do. I am not one who sends out invites to everyone to join my page. I have to admit, my Facebook page has spread word about my blog. I have had several people say they can relate to my posts. I have had people share my posts in hopes it would reach someone who needs some insight on certain topics. My page did not explode overnight, but I have noticed more engagements. If you are interested in following my Facebook page for the latest updates, you can find it here: htts://www.facebook.com/arrowsxadventures

2. I got hired at Lowe’s

As much as I loved being at home, I didn’t like being home all day, everyday. I needed social interaction. At the beginning of the month, I accepted a full time job at Lowe’s. I have never been happier with my decision. It’s different. My schedule is flexible. There are no lesson plans. No stress and anxiety. Sure the pay isn’t what I was getting, but you know what? I am so much happier and that’s all that matters to me.

1.We moved to our apartment

Tikka’s favorite spot is the dog park.

After waiting for two months and living in a camper, we FINALLY moved into our apartment on February 1st. We officially made ourselves at home. We have more space for us and Tikka. Tikka has his own dog park to run around and play. Josh and I are able to do things without bumping into each other. It was worth the wait!

Looking at my “wins,” February was another month that has been good to me. Big or small, I have experienced and learned a lot during these milestones. I’d like for you to take time and think about what you have done in the month of February. Even if you have done one thing, consider it as a win and go from there. What were your “wins” for the month of February? I look forward to sitting down and making my goals for March and continue this adventure.

Stay adventurous,


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