My Top 5 Podcasts

Within the last six months, I have become a huge fan of podcasts. I love listening to everyone’s perspective on different things such as money, life, health, spiritual well being, beauty, etc. Overall I am a big fan of learning from others and how they overcame their struggles. Their solutions may not solve every problem in my life, but it gives me a different way of approaching challenges that come and go.

Today, I want to share my top five favorite podcasts. Some of them are updated on a bi-daily basis while some haven’t been updated for months. Keep in mind that even if the creator hasn’t updated in a while, I still like to revisit certain podcast episodes whenever I am in a situation. It’s a good refresher. Plus, it gets me thinking about how I can approach my personal challenges.

Morning With the Masters:

If you read my Morning Routine post, you may have briefly read about this podcast. Updated on a daily basis, Chad and Tori Masters go over the day’s topic and devotional. Both will take a couple of minutes to tie their personal experiences to the topic presented. Each episode lasts 7-9 minutes, but the message is powerful.

Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living

I have looked into ways of being a little more sustainable and eco-friendly within the last few months. Brightly co-founders Laura and Liza provide insights on how you can be more eco-friendly 365 days a year. They talk about how daily activities affect the planet in both a positive and negative way. They also provide ways of being more conscious whether it’s shopping, eating, decorating, etc. There are a lot of good ideas if it fits your lifestyle.

Whoa, That’s So Good

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I am a fan of Sadie Robertson. She is wise beyond her years when it comes to speaking the gospel and how she handles situations. As crazy as this sounds, Sadie covers a variety of topics that affect all ages. She also does a wonderful job tying in the biblical stories to our everyday life.

#YouGotThis with Bryson and Jennifer

I discovered Jennifer Lauren back in March 2020 on Instagram. I love her style, aesthetic, and how she interacts with her fans. When her now husband, Bryson, created a podcast, I was super stoked. Although there are only 12 episodes, Bryson and Jennifer go over their story of how they met, their successes and failures, and guide you around Austin, Texas. I love revisiting their podcast when I am losing inspiration on posting social media or if I need some inspiration on their journey to success. They are raw and real when they are alive.

How to Money

I discovered this podcast back in April 2021 and haven’t stopped listening to them since. Best friends, Joel and Matt, provide knowledge and tools to help you with your finances. They go over how you can use money in a more meaningful, thoughtful way while you are on the journey of eliminating debt, saving, and investing. What I really like about this podcast is there is rarely any jargon that is used. Matt and Joel do a really good job going over what these terms mean and how it affects our everyday life. These episodes have given me some insights and tips on how I can handle my personal finances.

If you are looking to find new podcasts, I hope these listed podcasts will broaden your horizon. If there are any podcasts you think I would like, let me know! I would love to add new titles to my library.

Stay adventurous,


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