Raven Rock State Park

Last Monday, Josh and I were fortunate to have the day off. Instead of staying home and working on the apartment, we decided to get out and enjoy the outdoors with Tikka. We wanted to go where there was some elevation to our hiking activity. Unfortunately, the closest areas are about 4 hours away from our apartment.

After doing a little digging on the map, Josh came across Raven Rock State Park in Lillington, NC (which is a 3 hour road trip, but we did it!). Raven Rock provided many trails along the Cape Fear River. There are a variety of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding along with levels of difficulty.

When we arrived in the area, there were a lot of visitors who had the same idea. I can’t be mad about that because it was a beautiful day to be out and about. Tikka was all excited about the new area and groups of people. More importantly, he was excited to get out and get some exercise. Little did he know that we were going to be exercising for a couple of hours.

Josh and I decided to take Campbell Creek Loop Trail. This 4.5 mile trail gives you a challenge to hike the different elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trail also had a rockier terrain than the other trails which also gave you a challenge in stability. The trail started off on a downward slope, but eventually gained elevation as you traveled through.

The first neat feature about Campbell Creek Loop Trail is walking along Cape Fear River. I have visited this river back in 2019 in Fayetteville, and did not remember the river being that narrow (Of course, I am used to seeing wide mouth rivers back in West Virginia which gives me the assumption that all rivers are like the ones back home.) and calm. Tikka had the opportunity to play in the river for a few minutes.

Another neat feature about this trail is having access to see Lanier Falls. These falls aren’t as extravagant as you think, but the river was significantly wider and active. You didn’t get a clear view of the falls, but listening to it was relaxing.

Lanier Falls at Raven Rock State Park

After hiking and viewing these neat areas, we finished off at 5 miles when we returned back to the car. Overall the trail did have some challenges to it, but it was just enough for you to break a sweat. Of course, Josh and I are used to challenging elevations (thanks, West Virginia!). We both agreed that we would revisit the park again when we have the time. There are so many more trails we have yet to explore.

If you are interested in Raven Rock State Park, you can find the information here. If there are any other North Carolina state parks you think we would enjoy, let me know! We are always up for an adventure!

Stay adventurous,


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