The First Case of Homesickness

It’s been a wild ride for us since last December. Amongst living in a camper, adjusting to new jobs, and finally moving into an apartment, it has been nonstop for us. I haven’t had much time to think about West Virginia since we moved down here. A few days ago, I mentioned to Josh that I really didn’t feel homesick at all.

Tikka has been having a hard time adjusting to the move. His behavior has been wild and he’s been anxious. I’ve been trying to set a schedule for him for when we would go to the doggie park so he can run freely. It has helped with his energy. However, he is still restless.

This week, I came across videos for dogs on YouTube. Tikka has been in love. He likes to sit and watch the animals on the tv. Sometimes he’ll become intrigued and have to sniff the screen to see if they are real. It has helped with his anxiety some. It has now become a part of his morning routine.

Today, I came across a video of cows for Tikka to watch. He absolutely loved it. I know, you’re probably thinking it’s crazy that we’re watching videos of cows grazing a field instead of just going outside to watch them. The problem is, there aren’t any cows close to where we’re living. We live close to a busy highway and flat land containing over 100 windmills. No cows in sight. 

Currently missing these West Virginia hills.

The calm and peacefulness of the video triggered something in me…I was missing West Virginia. I miss the peacefulness. I miss the hills. I miss the small town feeling. I also miss being there when this beautiful weather is taking place. I know that last weekend we came home to West Virginia, but one day was simply not enough. I am hoping to return for more than one day soon.

So what can I do to fulfill the void for the time being? Keep myself busy and continue my routine until the time comes for me to come home for a few days. It’s not easy living almost 8 hours away, but I’m glad we have technology to FaceTime with family. 

I know this isn’t going to be my only time where I’m homesick during this adventure. More will come later down the road. I just need to be prepared for it. I need to make time to come home to those West Virginia hills.

Stay adventurous,


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