2022 Archery Season Phrase: “Why Not?”

Josh, Tikka, and I took a weekend trip to West Virginia. We were all missing the beautiful mountains and our families. We did not get home until 12:30 in the morning. Regardless of the time it took to get home, we’re happy to get away from reality.

My Mathews Prima (left) and the Hoyt Eclipse (right)

This morning, we stopped by HP Archery to visit, shoot some bows, and get our equipment fine tuned. We were happy to be back on the range.For the past month or so, I’ve been looking into branching out to trying new bows. I’ve shot Mathews since 2018 and that is all I’ve ever shot. There’s not one time I thought about shooting something other than a Mathews. Since I’ve been so open minded with everything this year, I decided to try out something else.

Our shop had a Hoyt Eclipse in stock. At first, we were afraid I couldn’t shoot it due to the draw length. The minimum draw length was 26 inches. I was shooting 25 inches. Josh double checked and measured me for my draw length. We both found I was 25 1/2 inches. Last year, I was measured at 24 1/2, but since we have corrected my form within the past year, we had a correct measurement.

At first we set it to 45 pounds, but realized I couldn’t draw the bow back. We adjusted the draw weight to 40 pounds on the Eclipse. This is what I currently have set on my Prima.  Once we had everything set, I was able to shoot a few rounds with it to see how I liked it.

My takeaway on the Hoyt Eclipse:

The bow itself didn’t feel bulky in my hand. The grip felt better in my hand than the Mathews Prima grip. I didn’t feel like I was fighting my bow while aiming at the target. Because the grip is a little more narrow on the Eclipse, there’s less of a chance for significant torque.

When I first drew the bow back, I was surprised how smooth the draw cycle was. In fact, the draw cycle was smoother than the Prima. The holding weight was heavier which meant I couldn’t “creep” my arrow forward as easily while aiming at the target. I was impressed with this because I have a tendency to do so with my Prima.

The grip feels a lot nicer on the Hoyt Eclipse.

Another thing we noticed was how fast my arrow was coming out of the Eclipse. When tested through the chronograph, the arrow was moving 6-7 ft per second faster in the Eclipse (and that was with the whisker biscuit attached. Think of how fast that arrow would have gone if a QAD or Hamskea arrow rest was attached to it!). 

Overall, I am impressed with the Hoyt Eclipse. In fact, my decision has been made for the Archery season…I’m hanging up the Mathews Prima and will be representing Hoyt. This decision was unanimous and like I told Josh, “Why not?” 

I look forward to continuing sharing this archery journey with you this year as we attend some 3D shoots. What’s your preference on a bow brand? Have you thought about branching out before? Let me know your thoughts!

Stay adventurous,


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