Post Camper Life- 4 Things I Appreciate Now Than I Did Before

Our view from our balcony.

We are officially living in North Carolina and no longer living in the camper! Out of the three, I think Tikka is the happiest. There’s more living room, places to roam outside, and beautiful views. 

My original plan was to publish my book review. However, I decided to delay it until next week. I wanted to share with you my reflections and appreciation on the fiber things now that are out of the camper lifestyle. It was fun while it lasted, but it was time to close that chapter and move on with our lives.

Living Space

Obviously, I was going to start with this one. Growing up, I always wanted to be apart of the tiny living lifestyle. Well, I got my taste for it for two months. With this military lifestyle, cold weather, and a puppy under a year was not ideal. We were cramped. Getting out and about was difficult because we were living on base and the weather was not cooperating. It was also difficult to do housework or cook when another person was up and moving.

Last night, we all had a change in mood when we moved around in our apartment. Of course, going from 290 to 1,196 square feet of space would change almost anyone’s mood.  We felt like we weren’t on top of one another when completing tasks. Tikka also had room to play with all his toys without knocking over a space heater nor losing them under the camper’s couch. Overall, we were pleased with our new situation.


This one is tied with living space. During our time  in the camper, we fought the thermostat and propane tanks. There were nights where the heat wouldn’t kick on in 20 degree weather. Both Josh and I were in sweatpants and hoodies while sleeping under 2-3 blankets. Of course, I was told the next morning that I hogged all the blankets while sleeping. Neither one of us slept well under these conditions.


Need to use the restroom, but you’re on limited hook ups? Either have a portable holding tank on hand (See Five Things To Consider If You Are Planning to Live in a Camper if you don’t know what I am talking about) or go across the road to go to the campground bathrooms. I’ve never been so happy to be able to go to the bathroom in peace and in my own living quarters!

Showering was also a challenge in the camper. One, there wasn’t much space. Two, there was very little hot water due to the size of the hot water tank. What used to be 20 minute showers turned into 5. If I needed to wash my hair, I had to pack up my shower items and head across the road to use the community shower. In the beginning, I was okay with doing that. As the temperatures and winter weather began to change for the worse, it was not a fun time freezing while standing in the shower stall. 

I’m honestly glad to be using an in-home shower again. I don’t have to worry so much about carrying items over, forgetting whether I packed a clean pair of leggings, wearing my Crocs while I shower, etc. Having everything in one spot has been a blessing.

Having a Laundry Room

Before we moved south, I was always doing a load of laundry. It was my way to keep things going and keep me busy. The camper does not have a washer/dryer hookup. Therefore, we were spending our Sundays at the Laundromat. Don’t get me wrong, going to a laundromat can be pretty relaxing when it’s not crowded. Plus we were able to get multiple loads completed all at once which cut down on time. 

The downfall was once your favorite t-shirt had a ketchup stain on it, you simply couldn’t put it in the washer right away. Instead, you had to wait. However, it has taught me about being more mindful of what to wear for a day and to keep it from getting soiled. It has also taught me to pick an outfit and wear it up until it’s time for a shower and a change of clothes. 

Camper life isn’t always glamorous. There are many challenges you face, especially if you are a beginner. There are also a lot of accommodations you have to make in order to keep your sanity. Would I ever want to stay in a camper again? Yes, but not for two months with limited hook ups in the middle of winter.

Over the last couple of months, I have grown to become very appreciative of what we have now. Before our big move to the south, I took a lot of things for granted such as long, hot showers. It’s not so much that we are happier about having the finer things in life. It is more that we are happier to be back to our normal. If we would have stayed in the camper permanently, it would have become our norm and things would have leveled out. However, because we knew in the back of our minds that this was temporary, it made it much harder on us mentally to enjoy our stay in the camper.

All of us here are pleased to be back to normal. I cannot wait to share more of this new chapter with you once we are fully settled in. This adventure is not over yet.

Stay adventurous,


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