Natalie’s Five January Favorites

It’s hard to believe we are almost into February. I feel like January flew by this year which is very odd. Before we say goodbye to January 2022, I wanted to share with you my favorite items I’m currently using from Amazon.

1. Studio Oh! Notebook Trio ($13.99):

Whether you are journaling, jotting ideas, or simply taking notes from a YouTube video, these notebooks are a great office supply to have. I like to have one notebook for journaling, another for note taking, and the third for making to-do lists. Each book has 80 lined pages. What I like about these books is they are small enough for you to carry in a tote. So far, I have filled one notebook with some Pinterest Ideas and thoughts on my blog.

2. ChapStick Total Hydration Nourishing Lip Balm ($2.94):

The cold temperatures and dry air have taken a toll on my lips this year. I tried my go-to and nothing was helping my lips. I came across ChapStick Total Hydration and fell in love. It took a couple of days to see some results in my chapped lips. It’s thicker and their original kind, but just enough to give you some coverage and protection. I love how this item moisturizes, renews, and transforms your chapped lips.

3. Felina Leggings ($34.95/pair):

These leggings are my favorite! I bought a pair of black ones last fall and practically lived in them when I worked. I ended up buying a gray and blue pair so I could have more color options. The fabric is super soft and not thin. You can wear them at home with a t-shirt or at work with a dressy tunic and flats. I ordered a small one and they are true to size.

Felina Leggings; $34.95/pair

4. BAGSMART Toiletry Bag ($22.99):
Josh and I have been traveling between Virginia and West Virginia frequently. This bag is my go-to when packing toiletries and makeup. The hook feature on the bag is versatile and allows me to see all of my packed items at once when I have it hooked on a door, shower curtain rod, etc. This bag comes in a lot of cute colors too!

5. Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush ($8:98):
This brush has been a classic for many of us! I love the soft bristles. It doesn’t cause major breakage on my hair when I’m detangling my hair. Before I bought this brush, I had one that I bought from Sephora last February. Unfortunately, the quality did not last very long. This brush has been used for almost 3 months and it still looks good as new!

I’m happy I was able to share my favorite things for the month of January. What are your favorites? Did they make the list? Is there anything on mine you are excited to try? If so, leave me a comment!

Stay adventurous!


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