UpCircle Face Scrub Review

Last month, I did my first beauty review on the UpCircle Beauty Beauty Moisturizer. If you have not read that review, you can find it here. I really liked using their moisturizer so I thought I would buy their Coffee Face Scrub. I am a fan of facial scrubs because my face can get dry and uneven. I wanted to purchase a product that didn’t have harsh chemicals, but was able to do its job.

I bought the product right before they changed their packaging. Before they moved to the glass jar, UpCircle used a recyclable aluminum tube to package the product. I also purchased the metal key to roll the tube down. Rolling the tube with the key was a pain because the key wanted to fall off the tube. I can understand why UpCircle moved to a better alternative.

Before I give you my takeaway, let’s go over some information about the company and product.

Who is UpCircle?

UpCircle was created by two siblings who live in London, England. They realized local coffee shops were throwing out used coffee grounds. Starting in 2015, the siblings began collecting the used coffee grounds from one coffee shop. Today, they collect used coffee grounds from hundreds of local coffee shops in London.

Why is UpCircle so significant?

UpCircle’s goal is to create sustainability while providing a natural skincare line that does not harm your skin while not breaking the bank. Their coffee grounds are reused in their skincare line. If you’ve never used UpCircle, you’re probably thinking that it is super weird and very DIY. I thought of the same thing when I discovered the company. However the coffee grounds buff away the dead skin cells while the shea butter mixed with the coffee grounds provide nourishment in the skin.

What are the key ingredients?

There are a few options you can choose from based on your skin concerns. I picked up the Coffee Face Scrub for Acne.

Other than coffee grounds, the key ingredients include:

Rosemary- antibacterial and antiseptic for whiteheads and blackheads.

Thyme- contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fight against breakouts.

Tea Tree oil- anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that treat acne-prone skin.

UpCircle Face Scrub is made up used coffee grounds from local coffee shops in London. How neat is that?

Is it affordable?

Unlike some skincare lines, UpCircle is affordable. You can buy a 3.5 ounce jar of moisturizer for $20 in the United States.


-All the ingredients are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

-The packaging, including the lid, is recyclable.

-UpCircle is affordable.

-The scrub feels like an actual scrub. It isn’t watery nor creamy when it comes out of the tube.


-The smell is an acquired smell. In the beginning, the strong fragrance of rosemary and thyme was very over powering.Over time, I got used to the smell.

-The initial formulation was very watery if I didn’t shake the tube before use. Once the tube was shook, then the formulation was fine. I am hoping this isn’t the case anymore in the jar.

-The tube key was a pain to use, especially in the beginning when the tube wasn’t fully rolled. It was a neat accessory, but It the function wasn’t all there.

-Right after using the scrub, I noticed it left an oily film on my face. I had to use my face cleanser to take it off.

My Takeaway:

Overall, my skin was softer and more even. I wasn’t a fan of the heavy, oily film on my face post-scrub because my face gets oily enough throughout the day. Using a cleanser afterwards does help if you aren’t a fan of the oily film. The smell was hard to get used to because of the strong scents from rosemary and thyme. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, I would recommend using a very small amount on your face until you get used to it. For $20, I would recommend this product for those who want a natural face scrub that doesn’t feel like plastic and drying to the skin. Since it has done the job for my skin and I’m used to the scent, I would buy this product again.


You can order the facial scrub from the UpCircle Beauty website.Want a discount? Use the code provided and receive $10 off on your order when you spend a minimum of $15. 

I hope you enjoy this product. It is nice to get out of my comfort zone and try a face scrub that is beneficial to my skin and the environment. Although there were some cons to this product, I would like to give this product another try because UpCircle has made some improvements on their products since I last purchased from them. If you try this product or you have tried it, let me know your thoughts!

Stay adventurous,


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