Back to the Basics: Hand Placement

Last week, I talked about the basics of footwork and the effects it has when shooting in 3D archery. If you haven’t read last week’s post, I provide the link here. If you are beginning archery and have been following along, I hope last week’s insight and resources helped you when focusing on your form. It may sound crazy, but footwork does affect the way you aim and follow through on your shot. Please continue to pay attention to your footwork while we move on Part 2 for Back to the Basics.

Hand placement is one of the most important things to pay attention to when practicing or competing. Why? Your hand placement affects the way you torque your bow. If you are one to put full grip on your bow, chances are, you have noticed how your arrow is inconsistently moving from left and/or right.

The goal is to have your bow balanced when you are aiming.

So how do I do that? There is a trick.

When you are drawing back, you want to pay attention to how the grip pushes against your hand. You want the grip to push back against the area below your thumb when you are drawn back. This area provides better grip on your bow and holds it steadier. When you’re practicing, pay attention to where your grip pushes back. If it’s against the area below your thumb, then you are on the right track. 

The grip should push back on the area I’m pointing to in the picture.

Now let’s talk about finger placement on the grip…

Even though your grip is pushing back on your hand, you can still have some torque based on your finger placement. Wrapping your fingers completely around the grip, will allow you to torque your bow left or right. This will cause frustration in the beginning if you aren’t paying attention to your fingers. Trust me, it took me a while to figure this one out. It wasn’t until Josh noticed it when we were shooting the indoor range. You want your fingers to rest near the front center of the grip. This will balance your bow a little bit more.

You want to form your fingers in a line close to the center of the grip.

This week, focus on where the grip pushes on your hand. If it’s not in the correct area, let down your bow and situate your hand to where the grip hits the correct area before drawing back. Once you draw back, pay attention to your finger placement on the grip. They should be aligned close to the center of the front grip.

Now that we have covered the basics on hand placement, you now have a checklist before releasing the arrow:

  1. Are your feet 90 degrees from the target and shoulder width apart?
  2. When you draw back, is the grip pushing back on the area below your thumb?
  3. Are your fingers aligned toward the center of the front grip?

Looking at your checklist, you may think that is a lot to think about. As you continue practicing, you will begin noticing how natural your placements are beginning to feel. If you would like to study more about hand placement, you can check out this video from School of Nock.

This week take some time each evening to shoot 10 rounds on your target (4 arrows per round which gives you 40 shots). The more you practice, the easier your body will remember the correct form. Next week, I will give you some insights on anchoring your bow before releasing your arrow. Let me know how things are going in the comments below or send me an email. I would love to hear how the progress is going.

Stay adventurous!


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