Archery Trade Association

This weekend, Josh and I had the opportunity to attend the Archery Trade Association with our local bow shop in Louisville, Kentucky. This members-only event is the largest and inclusive show of the year. ATA is a three day event that consists of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales, professional archers and hunters, and others come together and share their love for the archery and bowhunting industry. Vendors have the opportunity to promote current and new products while networking with retailers nationwide.

Archery Trade Association 2022, Louisville, Kentucky.

Networking and placing orders weren’t the only thing you could do at the ATA. There were scheduled times for seminars, coffee talks, and coaching certifications. You can learn everything from arrow building, to marketing archery products to your customers, and hands-on training. Major bow vendors such as PSE and Prime gave potential buyers an opportunity to shoot their product demos in designated ranges. No matter the reason why you are attending, there was always something to learn and/or try out.

Many of the archery and bowhunting companies promoted their businesses through free product and cash giveaways, stickers, free apparel, and so much more. We were fortunate to retrieve and purchase items such as free t-shirts and hats from QAD, D-loop material for our bows, and two Scent Crusher Ozone Go products for your car.

Josh and I representing HP Archery at the ATA 2022.

Our experience at the ATA was amazing. Although we were tired and sore from walking by Saturday night, we both really enjoyed representing our local bow shop, meeting new people and trying out products we were interested in using during 3D and hunting season. If you were to tell me that I would be attending a members only archery event when I began my archery adventure in 2018, I would have been skeptical and laughed at the idea. My first year attending will be something I will never forget.

I know we did not visit every vendor like we hoped, but we made sure to stop by our favorite companies such as QAD, PSE, Tethrd, and T.R.U. Ball Axcel. If you ever get the opportunity to go to ATA, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing to see the technological advances the archery and bowhunting industries are making that will make your competitions and hunting experiences enjoyable.

If you would like to know more about the Archery Trade Association or want to become a member, click on the following link: 

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