Our First Formal Event

Last night, Josh and I traded in our hunting gear for a fancier look.

Camouflage is our go to.

We had the opportunity to attend the FY 2022 CPO Khaki Ball in Virginia Beach.  The event was to recognize and honor the first year Chief Petty Officers along with those who have served in the Navy for quite some time. Our hosts served us a nice dinner and a variety of desserts. Once the formality was over, it was time to do a little dancing to celebrate.

FY 2022 CPO Khaki Ball

This was our first formal social together. Josh was dressed in his Khakis and ribbons. I was dressed in a navy blue dress from Macy’s and nude Anne Klein heels I managed to keep from my sister’s wedding from 2019. Overall I was pretty comfortable in my attire. Usually, I’m ready to get out of it and put on my t-shirt and leggings. 

No matter the event, I get a huge case of social anxiety. I am very reserved because I don’t know how to act around people. The anxiety was setting in as we were approaching the venue. Once we arrived, I made the effort and introduced myself to the other chiefs and their wives. If anyone was to ask me how to deal with social anxiety, just smile and introduce yourself. The rest will tend to follow.

Overall the event was a lot like going to your high school formal dance minus the dinner entrees and alcohol. Both of us enjoyed ourselves for the evening and were grateful to have the opportunity to spend this moment at each other’s sides. 

We arrived back at the camper around 11:30. It was way past our bedtime (9 pm is bedtime for us). Tikka was thrilled when we arrived back at the camper. To be honest, we were quite happy too. 

Last night was a new adventure for us. We are used to going to casual events and simply being ourselves. It was nice to dress up and enjoy ourselves to a nice dinner and great people. It will be a night I will cherish.

Stay adventurous,

Natalie Paige

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