Road Trippin’ Ain’t Easy

We’re back to our beloved camper after spending a full day in West Virginia. Even though we were home for a very short amount of time, we did our best to enjoy every minute of it. Tikka was super happy to be back in an area where there was plenty of room to play without having to be leashed. Josh and I were very happy to be able to sit on a big comfy couch and enjoy The Morning Show on Apple TV. Did I mention that overall, we were happy to be home?

Although I am on the tail end of Josh’s career, the military lifestyle has been a huge adjustment for me. I’ve never lived out of state before yet alone live more than 2 1/2 hours away from family. I’ve never had the extra responsibility of making sure my home is not on fire nor broken into while we are gone.The adjustment has been a stressful one.

Leaving home was harder this time than it was when we first moved down here. I almost forgot about the finer things in life: the space, the comfy bed, our backyard, those WV mountains. When you’re gone and return for a short amount of time, you begin to appreciate these things a little more.

I do have to say, the seven and half hour road trip is not a good time. Road trippin’ ain’t easy for two adults, a 6 month old pup, and a car full of clothes and food (most of the food will be donated). However, the views on our way through Virginia are quite breathtaking.

No filter nor fancy caption needed.

No matter where you go, there’s always going to be pros and cons. You simply have to take in the good with the bad. Right now, it’s very difficult to feel at home while we wait to move into our apartment. I’m hoping that once we do, it will start to feel more like home. For now, we will have to take it one day at a time.

Stay adventurous,

Natalie Paige

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