Merchants Millpond State Park

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

It has been almost a week since we moved from West Virginia. Josh and I have been super busy getting things ready for work and at home. This past week, we woke up tired and went to bed tired. I started my new job last Wednesday. He is getting ready to return to work on Monday.

While grocery shopping this week, we both decided it was time for us to eat a little healthier and become more active. We both thought it would be a good idea to explore the state parks located in Virginia and North Carolina. We both love being outdoors and enjoying nature. Tikka also enjoys the outdoors as well. He is able to run off any energy a 5 month old pup would have.

Today, we decided to stop what we were doing and get out of the camper for a little bit. Because the weather in the south is a little milder, we thought it would be a great day to take Tikka out for a hike. Our original plan was to explore the Dismal Swamp State Park in South Mills, North Carolina.

When we arrived in the area, part of the park was closed due to construction. Therefore we drove further southwest and arrived at another state park, Merchants Millpond State Park, located in Gatesville, North Carolina. Tikka was ecstatic to be outside where he could get some exercise.

The park is small compared to Dismal Swamp. The trails are shorter and there isn’t very much elevation when hiking (Josh and I are both used to hiking steep hills in West Virginia). The main trail (Fire Road) is wide enough for an ATV to pass through.

Fire Road at Merchants Millpond State Park

Once we arrived at the trail map, Josh and I decided to try out part of Lassiter Trail and return to the vehicle using Fire Road. Hiking through the trail was very enjoyable, especially during this time of the year. The leaves still have some fall color and are slowly making their way down to the ground. Josh and I talked about how beautiful it was to watch the leaves fall. There is something mesmerizing to see something move at a slower pace.

Although there were leaves everywhere, it was very easy to stay on the trail. The trail was marked very thoroughly and you could tell there was still foot traffic. Tikka also made sure we stayed on tracked by using his nose. He was very happy to find a small stream to jump in and get wet during the trek.

Tikka approved today’s hike.

Overall, the hike was very enjoyable. Both of us would say it was an easy walk because of our past experiences in hiking up and down hills. An hour and 44 minutes later, we covered 4.12 miles. Both of us felt that it was a good start on our health adventure. We are looking forward to going back and trying out more of their trails.

Currently, we are back at the camper with a full belly and a sleepy pup. Josh and I were talking about exploring more hiking trails in the area. If there are any places you recommend in the Virginia and North Carolina areas, let me know!

Stay adventurous!

Natalie Paige

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