Goodbye, West Virginia. Hello, North Carolina!

Hey everyone!

Now that we are finally getting settled in, I wanted to give you a quick update on life. We have officially moved!  We are now living that camper life! We left our home in West Virginia last Sunday and arrived at an undisclosed location around 1 am on Monday. We spent almost 12 hours hauling a camper, our belongings, and our pup. Needless to say, everyone was exhausted (we still are!). 

Yesterday, I had to take care of some business regarding my new job in North Carolina. I was able to take a tour of my new school, classroom and met a few of my students. I am nervous because of the unknown (and it is during the middle of the year). However, I am excited to start in a new location.

Today, Josh and I took some time to take care of getting groceries, more items for the camper, and opened up a new bank account for me.

Our first camper meal

Tikka is adjusting quite well. He has smelled everywhere and everything he can within his reach. He loves taking walks around the loop, watching neighbors through the window and taking naps on us when he gets the chance.

Neighborhood watchdog

I will provide you an update on my first day of work within the next couple of days. 

Have a good evening!

Natalie Paige

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